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Brand Story

Mome Studio Silk Scarves Founder

I arrived in Singapore with many hopes and dreams about my future career, but things did not turn out the way I had envisioned.

Fortunately, thanks to the special bond I have with textiles, I have worked with fabrics for more than 11 years, my passion for colours, my creativity, and a keen eye for detail, I have realised a new dream that has given me the opportunity to start something fresh and unique. Real life is like a fabric, it constantly weaves a totally individual style, depending on who we are and what fate holds in store for us. This unexpected change in my life offered me something finer, something more tangible, a one of a kind creative endeavour.

Understanding types of fabric, the thickness, and the weave empowers me to create the impression that I visualise and I want, and in this fabric journey my heart goes directly to silk. 

I'm writing a story of an entrepreneur just for you, for all individuals with an understanding of touch, feel and design; a tactile experience. I have dreamed of a new kind of scarf, which goes far beyond what we might have ever expected - a beautiful and luxurious accessory that people will love and indulge in. 

Silks and the exclusive designs in collaboration with amazing artists interweave in a rare manner, creating splendour, creating MOMME STUDIO silk scarf collections. These are not just scarves; each collection tells a fantastic and colourful story through the wonderful artist's imagination and their design techniques.

The founder of MOMME STUDIO 
Joanna Kolodziej - Zbos 


Smooth to the touch
and sparks the soul



Create a bond

through timeless silk


Core values

Never compromise the quality

Beyond the ordinary

Authentic designs

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